Play Move Improve
In this workshop I talk about the progression for fine motor skill development and fine motor play from infancy through to primary school.
Fine Motor Skill Development
In this workshop I explain sensory integration and how you can incorporate sensory play based strategies into indoor and outdoor play spaces.
Sensory Play Based Learning
In this workshop I talk about trauma informed research and simple sensori-motor strategies that can be used in the classroom for children.
Trauma Informed Sensori-Motor Support
Trauma Informed Sensori-Motor Strategies for Children with Trauma, ADHD, and Autism
In this workshop I talk about the 5 motor developmental milestones that children need for school readiness and how to help children develop these milestones.
5 Motor Milestones
The 5 Motor Development Milestones that Children need for School Readiness
Making Sense of our Senses - Sensory Play Strategies for Improving Literacy and Numeracy Skills
Fine Motor Skill Development and Play from Infancy through to Primary School
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